Dr. Morepen Air Purifier APF-01

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  • Coverage Area : 400 Sq. ft
  • Fliter Type: HEPA, Ionizer, Prefilter
  • Removes 99.9% of PM 2.5 Pollutants
  • CADR : 300 CMH
  • Suitable for : Bedroom,Office, Store, Clinic upto 400 Sq. ft.
  • Power Consumption: 49W
  • Type: Room Airpurifier
  • Auto Shutoff with Timer function
  • 3 Speed Settings


Dr Morepen Air Purifier comes with advanced HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) Filter which can effectively remove 99.9% of harmful PM 2.5 pollutants from the air. The HEPA filter has antibacterial coating which kills all the bacteria from the air. Inbuilt ionizer improves the freshness of the air and keeps air in your home fresh at all the times. It comes with a three speed air flow mechanism. It has an eight hour timer. The activated carbon filters used in the Air purifier can easily remove the foul smell, formaldehyde, Cigarette smoke, pet odor, smoke and other pollutants commonly found at homes and work places




Important Information

 The Air Purifier is not designed for the Treatment of any medical conditions. This is a home appliance for improving the Air Quality in a closed room only.